joyce (joyce) wrote,

It's been a lovely day.

This morning featured breakfast at Denny's and non-stop conversation with a couple of friends from my program that I hadn't seen in a few weeks. This afternoon featured a visit from jeni and huxley_boy, who were passing through on their way to Asheville. We did lunch at Bruegger's and a trip to Edward McKay, since we all had gift certificates/trade credit burning holes in our pockets. They eventually wandered off, and then we wandered down to the reunion. My cousin Andrew's uncles on his mom's side (so, his other side of his family) catered it, and it was very tasty. More non-stop conversation, and eventually we wandered home (via the back back roads; we missed a turn and popped out on Alamance Church, which was not quite where we expected to be.) However, Alamance Church runs into town and is prettier than 421, so it worked out nicely. And I'm pleased that we managed to navigate our way back into town with no directions and no map with no trouble. My directional sense has improved quite a bit this year.1

And now, it's time to flop over in a food coma and let my introverted self wibble for a little while. I love everyone, and it was lovely to get to see all of them, but I'm done for a couple of days.

1. Okay, so we did turn the wrong way on Alamance Church to begin with. The sign saying the Chapel Hill was the way we were going was a big clue to turn around.2

2. Ahha! Further examination of the map shows that we didn't miss a turn, but turned the wrong way out from the church. It worked out well, though. The great thing about living around here is that as long as you're headed in the general direction that you want to be going in, there's usually 18 ways of getting to where you're going.

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