joyce (joyce) wrote,

This morning, it did not start out so well. We both got a ton of sleep, which meant that we were both feeling better but groggy. We got a slightly slower start than we wanted to get, and got all the way over to the farmer's market, and were pulling the bags out of the trunk... when we realized that we hadn't gone by the ATM, and had $4 in cash between us. Most of our regular vendors would probably take checks from us at this point, but that would rule out buying anything from anyone else, so, off to the ATM we went. Thankfully, the SECU is right down the road.

So we get back in time... to see the lettuce guy packing his truck up. Fine, we'll just get lettuce at the co-op. Not preferable, but it'll do.

So we get our groceries - most of our folks were in good moods today; our beef vendor gave us a cantelope, which was very cool - and went to the library1 and got some lunch and ran out to the co-op2 and got our stuff there and got out to the car... and realized we'd forgotten lettuce. So, it was back into the store and back into line. :) However, the day much improved from there.

1. I have the new Thursday Next book. Guess what I'm going to go do?

2. I drove! Through town! And did well! Dude.

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