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July books

31. Lion in the Valley (Elizabeth Peters) - more Amelia Peabody. More tromping around Egypt being silly and fighting evil. Good triumphs in the end, of course. These continue to be great big silly fun.

32. Practical Demonkeeping (Christopher Moore) - I hadn't read any Christopher Moore except for Lamb, so when this appeared on the new book shelf at the library, I snagged it. And when I finally picked it up, I snarfed it down in a day and a half. It was excellent, absurd, and literally laugh out loud funny, and I loved the characters and the redemption found in the end. Christopher Moore is like Douglas Adams but in Earth-based settings, and it's fantastic.

33. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (J. K. Rowling) - the book. I've already talked about it.

34. Folly (Laurie R. King) - I don't normally watch movies or read books about mental illness of my own volition (I went to go see A Beautiful Mind without really knowing what it was about; that's been it in recent years.) I've danced with the devil a few times (though never as dramatically as Rae) and I usually prefer other subject matter for my pleasure reading/movie consumption. But, I love and respect LRK's writing (and really, would read her grocery list at this point) and knew that if there was anyone who could handle the subject well of mental illness well, it would be her. And she did, with grace, dignity, and no small measure of humor. There was also a very good mystery/thriller along with the story of the protagonist, Rae, as well. I loved this book, and I'll be glomping down the kind-of followup as soon as I get a chance (I forgot to get it at the library last weekend, distracted as I was by the other bright shinies.) (Also, I really should finally finish A Darker Place.)

35. The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove (Christopher Moore) - set in the same town as Practical Demonkeeping. Most of the main characters from PD only made peripheral appearances in Lust Lizard, which was a little disappointing, but it was nice to see them checking in. This one read slower for me than PD, but was still very good. There were some bits that made me cackle (and Jeff, once I read them out to him.)

I'm at 10804 pages for the year. I'm currently only (actively) in the middle of 1 book (in print) and 2 books (in audio), down from the several I had only a couple days ago. A couple I finished, a couple I gave up on. I have some good stuff coming my way too - I'm slowly inching my way up the line for the latest Janet Evanovich and J. D. Robb, and I'm second in line for the new Thursday next, and there's a new Margaret Maron later on this month...
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