joyce (joyce) wrote,

this and that

- I got nearly nine hours of glorious sleep last night and only woke up 3 times. I fel more human today than I have in days.

- We got the "friends and family" discount from my great aunt and uncle at the market this morning, combined with the "we've been up since 5am and want to sell out and go the hell home", resulting in 3 cucumbers and 5 sqaush for a dollar. Rawr. :)

- I've had a headache for 24 hours now, and my sinuses and ears have felt like someone was sitting on them. It finally rained this morning, big gusting sheets of rain. I imagine the farmers were doing a little boogie at the market (it opened up right after we left) as we've been needing the rain, badly. (Constants of conversation at the market: we need rain, sure is hot, the market is really busy/slow this morning.) Hopefully, this means the end of head/sinus ache for a couple of days.

- Despite last night's good night's sleep, I'm still feeling sleepy. One of these days, I'll catch up on rest.

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