joyce (joyce) wrote,

I'm still 200 pages from the end. This book has been soooooooooo slow - I don't know how the folks who read it all in one shot did it.

After saying that there'd be no LJ until I was done the book, I kept sneaking peeks all weekend. I shouldn't have been worried; what spoilers were posted were well marked and tagged, and besides, no one was posting because they were off reading their book.

Saturday morning I got up and peddled down to the neighborhood branch library, about a mile from here. I got there about 10 minutes before it opened and there were a couple of neatly-dressed middle-aged white women lurking outside the library, in a neighborhood where such do not typically lurk outside branch libraries. I raised an eyebrow at them and said "Harry Potter?" and we cheerfully exchanged theories until the library opened, along with a couple of guys who'd seen the movies and were there to check their email.

So Saturday was mostly reading, with time out for the farmer's market and another library run - the central branch, so I could pick up my 1800 holds - and an appearance at huxley_boy's birthday party. Sunday was another lunch family reunion (the my dad's dad's dad family version; last weekend was my dad's mom's mom family, and two weekends from now will be my dad's mom's dad's and her immediate family. Well, as immediate as it gets in a family that sprawls like kudzu), which went really well, and then a run down to Durham, ostensibly to go explore The Regulator, which neither of us had been to before, but mostly for the drive and to get out of the house with just each other for a bit. Last night was errand running and Moe's for dinner. It's been a very nice few days. :)

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