joyce (joyce) wrote,

the scenic tour of middle of nowhere, North Carolina

So, dad came over this morning and picked me up and took me back to their house, where Faith was already loading up vehicles. We commenced getting the furniture down the stairs and into the trailer and tied down and such, and the Blazer packed up and her car packed up and things stuffed everywhere, and dad announced that he needed to put some air in one of the trailer tires because it was a bit low, and then, off we went. Faith is renting a single wide out in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees and grass and stuff, that I'm terribly jealous of. We got the Blazer and the trailer unloaded, and then took off into town and got some Cici's for lunch1 and then went back and emptied her car and unpacked a little, and dad put together her vacuum and we chatted a bit, and then we looked at the time and decided we should get on the road.

So we pull out of her driveway and get up the road a bit. Thud thud thud thud rattle jolt jolt jolt thud thud. Remember that low tire? It was back, with a vengeance. We limped to the nearest service station, which didn't have an air station. Dad bought a couple of cans of fix-a-flat, and we limped on awhile longer. Thud thud thud thud rattle jolt jolt jolt thud thud. So we detoured into the nearest town that was sorta kinda not really on our way, and found a real service station with a real air tank, and refilled the tire, and got back on our way. (Luckily, we hadn't touched the interstate all day. Today was all back country two lane highway, because on the way down, we had a trailer full of furniture, and on the way back, we were limping. I love back country highways; they're so much prettier and interesting than the interstate.) That time, the air did the trick, and we made for my parents' house at a fairly reasonable clip. Until 4 miles from their house (at least it waited that long) when the tire disintegrated. There were 4 large slash-like holes in it when we got to the house (we did the last 4 miles at 15 miles per hour with the flashers on) and more small holes and pieces missing. Whee. What should have been an hour and fifteen minute or so trip was 2 hours and fifteen minutes. But, we got home safe and I got to spend a while nattering at my daddy, so, it's not all bad. We dropped off the trailer, said hi to my mom, and he ran me home. Pasta and Deus Ex for dinner, and life is good.

I might be going out tonight with a friend who wants company in her search for a copy of The Book, but I'm not sure - she might be going with other folks, and since I'll be at the library at 9am tomorrow, trying to secure a copy, it's six of one to me. I'm waiting for her to call me back.

And on that note, no LJ for me after midnight and until I'm done The Book. I was spoiled last time, and I'm not getting spoiled this time, dangit.

1. All you can eat pizza chain. Same price, all day. When I was in college (part one) it was $2.99 a head; it's since gone up to $4.79, but since they have salad and pasta and dessert out, it's still a decent price. It's not the world's best pizza, but it's not bad, and the salad tasted good, as did the sweet bun things on the dessert table. Num. It was certainly better than most of the fast food out there.

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