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I chased all over half of creation today looking for an item that should be easily found in the South during this time of year: a plastic devilled egg carrying tray. It is family reunion and cookout season, and devilled eggs are growing like zucchini. Target? No (nearly every other Rubbermaid product known to man, but not that one.) Harris Teeter? No. Sears or Belks (no, though the lady there did smile at me apologetically.) We checked the fancy cooking store last week; all they had were non-covered glass serving dishes, not suitable to carrying everywhere. I finally gave up and decided to order the silly things online, which I was trying to avoid doing, and I will take banana bread to the family reunion (first of three) on Sunday.

But, hey. I got a nice walk out of the deal, and treated myself to lunch at Qdoba (taco, chips and salsa, $3.07. Qdoba wins) and petted the kittens at the snotty pet store and sat in B&N, blissfully reading a library book in the AC (Practical Demonkeeping. I started it yesterday and I'm 188 pages in. I should finish it tonight, and then I may contemplate swallowing more of Moore's books whole.)

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