joyce (joyce) wrote,

I operated a motor vehicle on my own without someone else in the vehicle for more than 20 yards [1] for the first time in over five years tonight. It was utterly terrifying to begin with; cars move so much faster than my bike, and I had no idea what the speed limit on the road was, and I was gripping the wheel and chanting to myself "just like the bike look out for other vehicles what color is that light just like the bike no big deal." Ahem. About halfway through, I finally relaxed. I'm not sure I'm ever going to actively enjoy driving again - though, I have a long time driving ahead of me, so that will probably change too - but the active freaking out will go away soon. (I hope.)

I didn't stall once. :) (The stick part was never a problem, except in Seattle with its monster hills.) I did rev it a little too high coming from a stop, and I was shifting a little too soon - I don't have an ear for the car yet - but other than that, I did fine.

Jeff bought a new to us vehicle tonight, which is why I was driving in the first place. He's getting that car, and after we dump some work into the Metro, I'll be driving it. I'm not mobile yet - we do need to do some work on her, and get NC tags on her - but I'll be a much more mobile Joyce by the time school starts, if not before.

[1] Last Christmas, I moved Hope's car in the J. C. Penny parking lot. Oooh boogy.

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