joyce (joyce) wrote,

I wish I could tell you why, but I love taking the train. Maybe it's a scratching of wanderlust, even when I'm just going an hour east to Durham for a couple of days. Maybe it's because the train is still fun to take, unlike flying, which has turned into a hassle, a chore, something to be endured to get to places far away. Whatever it is, I love taking the train.

This morning was fun. For my co-op hours this week, I went with the outreach coordinator to a local girls' day camp. She'd been out the day before talking about nutricion and whole foods and stuff, and today, we went out and "cooked" a meal with the girls (nachos and salad). It wasn't anything fancy, but maybe they'll remember that the organic vegetables tasted good, that it was fun to cook something that didn't come out of boxes, and that they tried some new foods (at the end of the time, one of the group leaders asked who'd tried something new, and about half the hands went up.) The girls were sweet and polite, and it was a great time. It reminded me of the things that I enjoy about human services/social services. Not enough to want to go back to it, but...

Work this afternoon wasn't bad, either. I got my most wibbly person as my last person, so that was good, and managed to run on time otherwise. I even had a couple of folks who were bouncy and excited about their classes. I can't ask more than that. :)

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    Scrabble. Barbeque (italian sausages, hamburgers, potato chips, raw vegetables, baked beans). Ice cream at Homeland Creamery. What a very nice day. :)

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