joyce (joyce) wrote,

old home week

So I've been wanting to introduce my sister Hope to our friends Becky and Brandi from my program for awhile; I thought that they seemed like her type of women, and that they'd get along really well. Well, what I'd manage to blank on is that they all went to the same state university; apparently Hope's senior year was their freshmen year, and they participated in some of the same campus ministry groups and knew a lot of the same people, and it turns out that Becky's boyfriend was a friend of Hope's roommate at school, and they'd actually cooked dinner for him and another friend one night, many years ago. They spent awhile playing a very amusing game of "its a small world" this evening.

We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and had chips and salad, and I made a killer cake, and talked talked talked talked. My sisters and cousin and Malcolm got along well. Jeff took Malcolm back to the airport, despite my hoping for a flight cancellation on this end. :) It was a great day, and a great weekend.

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