joyce (joyce) wrote,

How to create a stampede at the library, re: the last Harry Potter, which finally got added to the library catalouge: "THIS BOOK WILL BE AVAILABLE AT ALL LIBRARY LOCATIONS ON SATURDAY, JULY 21, 2007, WHICH IS THE PUBLISHER'S NATIONAL RELEASE DATE. RESERVES MAY NOT BE PLACED ON THIS TITLE UNTIL 9:00 A.M. ON MONDAY, JULY 23." Normally, popular titles go into the catalouge a little before they come out, the list starts, and all is well. I feel sorry for the librarians that day.

I do not plan on being part of the stampede, but I do plan on getting on the list (which is going to be miles long) on July 23. :) Which means I should get around to reading part 6. And, ahem, returning it to the very patient supremegoddess1.

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