joyce (joyce) wrote,

People that I want to beat, and not in a good way:

1. People who break glass in bike lanes (or really, on the side of the road in general. I mean, WTF?)
2. People who don't tie up their damned dogs. [1]


Yesterday we had training part two for the summer job, which consisted of telling us about 153 different ways to read our manuals, try to get the kids not to sign up for more than 16 hours and no less than 15 if we can help it, and try not to let them take bio, chem, and math all in their first semester. [2] Otherwise, I dealt with some minor thesis stuff, did some housework, and made tacos for dinner. It was a good day.

Today I did my worker-owner thing out at the co-op, and ran by campus to mail some books and deposit a check, and ran into downtown to go to the library and pick up the movie for tonight and next week. All on my bike. I'm pretty proud of how quickly I've gotten more comfortable with going places on my bike, and I think it's going to improve my driving once I get a vehicle. I'm getting stronger, too - I only had to pull over and stop once today, unlike the 3 times I had to pull over the last time I did the co-op-downtown-home loop. Rawr.

[1] See Joyce pass a house with dog out front. See dog bound into road, snarling at Joyce. See Joyce peddle really, really fast. See Joyce curse long and loud. See Joyce realize that her voice carries more than she thought when a very startled looking lady walking halfway down the block looks Joyce up and down in a disaproving way. See Joyce explain sheeplishly about the dog.

[2] Okay, so there was more information than that, but the session could have been condensced. A lot. At least it was presented humorously, though, and I have a much better idea of how the degree requiements at the school work, and why, and stuff. I have a budding interest in administration, so this stuff is good to know.
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