joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, Friday night we had a bunch of my school friends over for a potluck. We feasted like kings - meatloaf, two kinds of pasta, no kneed bread, roasted potatoes, taco salad and green salad, fried tofu and barbecue sauce, and tahini sesame balls and carob brownies (much, much better than they might sound.) We ate outside and had Apples to Apples and some delicious conversation, and I stayed up later than normal. It was the fun, and we're hoping to start making a semi-regular thing of it.

Yesterday was the farmer's market and the library, and devouring a book, and video games, and errands and Chik-fil-a for lunch, and Voyager and pizza for dinner, and a nap, and it was also a terrific day.

Today has been much with the laziness: more reading, logic puzzles, more Voyager, a game of Settlers. We've finally gotten some much needed rain, and temperatures have dropped, so the windows and doors are open and it feels great in here. Life is good.

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