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hot and bothered

So, today was a fun day: the first time I've ever seriously ridden my bike out in traffic (and the first time in the year we've lived here that I've gone anywhere by bike but campus.) I had my orientation at the co-op this morning to be a worker-owner[1], and then afterwards I had to be downtown, and I didn't feel like taking the bus, so, I took my bike. And it was a lot less scary than I would have thought. There's a bike lane for 85% of the ride down Big Scary Busy Road, which helped, and on the way there, I was able to peel off onto a residential block for the last bit of it. It took about 35 minutes (including stopping once to catch my breath.) Go me. :)

The way back felt worse, because there was a long, shallow uphill back into campus, and a big freaking long uphill into downtown. Also, I had longer on Big Scary Busy Road, because of the way the block is laid out, but I stuck as far to the right as I could, and paid attention to traffic, and it was fine. There are just enough bicylists around here that drivers are reasonably courteous and pay reasonable amounts of attention to bicyclists [2]. Time into downtown was 30 minutes (plus 5 minutes of walking the bike back down the road because I'd forgotten to write down the cross-street for the coffee shop and overshot by a few blocks.)

The big horrible uphill into downtown worked to my advantage; time home was 20 minutes.

This was so freaking cool. I'm feeling a lot more confident about riding places and getting out on my bike. I'm not about to, say, go ride on yon major arterial through town that has a 55 mile per hour speed limit, but just around town to get where I want to go, like the library or errands or whatever? Oh, yea.

However, this was more biking than I've ever done in a day by many miles (total mileage, 11), and I've got a reasonable expectation of being sore tomorrow, and tomorrow is a running day. I think tomorrow's going to be a bus day.

[1] We finally got around to joining the co-op we've been shopping at since we moved here. One of the benefits of joining (one time lifetime owner fee, which buys a share in the co-op, fully refundable) is a small discount (5%) once a month, plus additional owner sales over their normal sales. However, you also have the option of being a "worker-owner," wherein you work a certain number of hours a month (8 to 15, for a household) and get a substantial discount (10 to 15%) every time you shop. So I had my orientation this morning, and I'm going to go in tomorrow morning to fold newsletters and whatever else they have for me to do, and Jeff's going to go in for his orientation sometime in the next week or so.

I earned my dirty rotten hippy points today. After the co-op thing, I met up with a couple of friends from my program to talk about one of our readings for the fall (we're starting early). We met up downtown at a local coffee shop that stocks fair trade/organic products and dairy from the local dairy that we buy our milk from. We sat around and talked about Marx and structuralism and leftism and social theory and where it's gone wrong for an hour. Verily, I am amused.

[2] The fact that drivers are generally courteous to bicyclists around here makes me even more mad when I see people doing stupid things, like, oh, riding down major arterials on the wrong side of the road without helmets. Yarg.

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