joyce (joyce) wrote,

I woke up this morning with Copper asleep on my ribs and Ellie asleep at my feet. It was such a nice way to wake up. :) Though I'm hoping that Copper soon abandons the "must sleep on top of mommy" stage (Marty went through it too) and goes for sleeping at my feet like the other two. Though, to be fair, about half the time, Copper doesn't insist on sleeping on top of me, but between the two of us, right at our heads, which is just way too cute.

Were we planning on having human children, I would not want to co-sleep, but I get offended if at least one of the kittens doesn't sleep with us at least part of the night. (Marty hasn't slept with us in weeks, since the last cold snap right after we got Copper, when I was waking up with all three of them piled in various configurations around me. I keep telling myself that she's just being a teenager and that she'll get over it. (I hope.) I'm not sure what it says, that I would privilege the felines over kids in their sleeping arrangements. :)

Some moron on our street has a car alarm (which, around here, is not the moronic part.) The moronic part is that it'll go off... and go, and go, and go, until someone finally comes out and does something about it. Last night, this occurred a little after one in the morning. It went off for a solid 5 minutes, to the point that I was considering finding clothes and going and doing something about it myself (again, around here, at 1 in the morning, not so smart. I was groggy.) Fortunately, it finally stopped. Half an hour later, Marty did some very noisy acrobatics on Jeff's side of the bed.

I'm a little groggy this morning.

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