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Monday: So, we woke up early, considering when I managed to finally get to sleep. Holly and Heath got packed up, and Ginger and I ran them down to the airport. We got back to Ginger's, hung out a few minutes, then grabbed Dan and headed over to Crossroads, where we had lunch with Ari and Grant. After lunch, Ginger and I headed downtown (on the bus. Yay buses), where we dropped off the marriage license and tromped around Pike Place. I got my Market Spice fix on, and marvelled at how crowded Seattle felt. Being in North Carolina has caused some unexpected shifts in perspective when I wasn't looking. We headed back across the water, ran a couple of errands, grabbed Ari and Dan, ran into the Microsoft company store, then ran home. I packed up, we munched on leftovers food remaining from previous meals in the week for dinner, and eventually, Ginger and Ari dropped me off at Seatac. I got through security with no trouble, muttered at the country for being too damned big, and got a little sniffly.

Monday night: I was on a redeye out of Seatac into Dulles. We were supposed to leave at 10:56 (who comes up with these things, anyhow? Why not just 11?) and finally got boarded about 11:20. We rolled into DC on time, anyhow. I got an aisle seat (I've been remarkably lucky in seating, this trip), and we had no one in the middle seat. My rowmate was mildly annoying, but I was mostly able to ignore him (yes, sir, turning off all your electronic gadgets means you, too.) I dozed; I normally can sleep nearly anywhere, but I couldn't get comfortable, so I dozed a lot instead of out and out sleeping.

Tuesday morning: I stumbled off the plane in DC, and wished I'd had time to schedule a longer layover; it would have been nice to get to go play in the city for awhile. I also came off the plane with a powerful hunger for breakfast, specifically sausage biscuit. I checked a departure board, and discovered that of course I wasn't flying out of the same terminal I came into. I got onto one of Dulles' weird little shuttle buses - they're double-ended, so you just get on at one end, get driven across the way, and get out the other end - and found my gate, then began the search for sausage biscuit. The closest I could get was egg, bacon, and swiss on a bagel, which was still pretty tasty. I parked myself at my gate, gave Jeff a call, and played hearts until we got called.

The flight itself was only 40 minutes long, and I managed to doze for most of it. We got in early, I got my bag, and Jeff arrived just a few minutes after to pick me up. We got home, he cooked himself some more breakfast, then headed back to work, while I faceplanted for 3 and a half hours. Now I'm up and trying to be constructive, even though I'm kind of wobbly. I think the problem is mostly coming down off a week of a ton of people and go go go go go, as much as the lack of sleep. I need to knock out this damned stats report and get it shipped off, and then go up to campus to pick up my unholy ton of grading, and then tomorrow I'll figure out what the rest of the week looks like.
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