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Out to pyran's with clockworktomato and faecat to print out signs for tables for the wedding. Off to Costco to pick up roses. Out to Bothell to pick up programs from lycantras. Down to downtown Bellevue to pick up some friends of Ms. Ginger's that were in from Michigan. Lunch at Qdoba with them. Dropping them off at the South Bellevue Park and Ride. Back to Crossroads to go to Joann's (I think we ended up at Joann's once a day this trip.) Back to Ginger's, where the guys rolled in from the first part of the bachelor party about two minutes after we got home, and Ginger's parents shortly after. Ginger's mom hemmed Holly's dress, and I put together wedding music (you can all blame the excess of Apocaplytica on me), and we all hung out. (Ginger's parents rock.) We tried to locate Ginger's grandmother without success. Eventually, there was getting dressed and heading out to Claim Jumper for the rehersal dinner (80 tons of food, same of family) and up north for the rehersal (Ginger's grandmother eventually turned up, to our relief). After the rehersal, us girls packed up and headed out to the hotel for our hen party, where we discovered that the DVDs Ginger and I had carefully picked up were useless, because there were no DVD players, but we could watch their rather expensive pay per view. We watched Night at the Museum (WAY better than it had any right to be :) ), sheeplass packed up and went home, and the rest of us slept like zombies.


Up early (darn northern latitude). Showers. Checking out of the hotel. The togo coffee cups of dribbly doom. We swung back by the apartment to drop off stuff, then headed out to pick up Ginger's mom and met up with sheeplass for breakfast at Ruby's (crab cake eggs benedict, which was one of the best damn things I've eaten in a very long time.) At the end of breakfast, Dan's mom calls to let us know that we need to call the hair salon (Dan's mom and sister and Ginger's mom were scheduled for hair, and Ginger was scheduled for nails. The rest of us were thankfully exempted from doing things to either.) The salon had had two people call in because they had to go to the ER, so it was revised to Ginger's mom's and the Ginger's nails and everyone else figured out something else. We wandered around Bell Square while that was getting done, and worshipped at Teavana, peeked into Lush to see what the flap about Lush is, and visited the Oil & Vinegar store. Eventually, they were done (somehow, the salon took an hour and a half to do one set of nails and one fairly easy hairstyle), dropped Ginger's mom off at her hotel, and realized that we were running off schedule. We ran by the apartment so Holly and I could grab everything that we hadn't been able to cram into the car before and drove up to the manor. There was getting dressed and getting last minute things done (thank you flummox for helping with the plants), and then there was a wedding. It was just gorgeous. Ginger was bawling before she even got to the gazebo. :) Everything went off without a hitch. The food was good, the company was great, we got to spend a lot of time around some folks we don't get to see very off. Eventually, things wound down, we got cleaned up (thank you, lycantras and company), Ginger and Dan ran off to their hotel, and Ari, Holly, Heath, myself, and Dan's two cousins crammed into Ari's CRV, clown car style with the presents and flowers and such. Holly and Heath and I were crashing at Ginger's and Dan's place, so we came back here, played Wii, and hung out. Ari eventually had to go home, but the rest of us were up until quarter of two, and then I couldn't get to sleep (brain go vrooooom), so today is going to be a caffiene filled day.
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