joyce (joyce) wrote,

My sleep schedule is going to be so foobared. I fell asleep on the futon last night at 9:30, practically mid-sentence, and woke up at 6 because of a text message from Jeff and couldn't get back to sleep. By Monday I'll be pretty well adjusted to Pacific time - just in time to go home. Whoops.

At least next week I don't have to be up early at all.

The rest of last night was fun. We ate homemade mac and cheese, mini-sausages, and asparagus for dinner - Ginger has turned into a hell of a cook - and brownies and ice cream for desert. Dan and one of his cousins raided, and we sat around and chatted with the other cousin, telling stories. He even managed to laugh in all the right places, poor guy. :) We have a lot of shared history that you don't really think about until you start telling stories.

I'm caught up on all things internet, so I ought to go ahead and get my run in before they're up and about.
Tags: travel, travel:seattle, travel:seattle:2007

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