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So, there's this grad office. Last fall, I had my own office space, and avoided using the main grad office, because it's also the lounge, and it was hard to get work done in here. But my own office is no more, and I'm starting to get used to working with people around. It can be hard to make myself work when there's folks around that I want to talk to, though. :)

We're all slowly moving into the office. My partner in crime E. has brought in a radio and a fridge. I might spring for another hot water pot for in here - it'd be useful. Someone has an extra coffee pot. We're talking about how better to arrange our space so it can be used.

Today is particularly pleasant. The radio is on, E.'s dog Mabel - who is rapidly becoming our mascot - is wandering around, a bunch of us are working away. This isn't so bad. :)

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    dude. i got an A+ in history. :) none of the rest of the grades are posted yet. still. woot! :)

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    i got back my last stats test today. because of the magic of extra credit, i need a 61 on my final to get an A and an 86 to get an A+. i'm amused. :)

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