joyce (joyce) wrote,

Yesterday, I cut out the duster, took a nice long hot bath and read a book and nearly fell asleep in the tub, watched two episodes of DS9, made eggs and potatoes and sausage for breakfast, waffles for lunch, and salad for dinner, did some grading (and oh, but these papers are bad, again, le sigh), and read some more. It was a very nice day.

Oh, and I transcribed. And transcribed, and transcribed, and transcribed. Transcription takes forever, even if you are reasonably competant at it, depending on how picky you feel like being. Was that an "um" or an "ah"? Was that an "uh" or an "oh"? Maybe if I listen to that sentence one more time, I won't have to put [indistinct] in there.

It gets silly, after awhile, and I'm starting to relax on it a bit. I'm halfway through my second pass, and I should be sending out my file to my class in a couple hours. I'm glad I got this preview before thesis time. I will definitely be buying a foot pedal before then. And learning how to slow down and enunciate (though I did all right this time, it could have been better) and remembering to aim the recorder at my interviewee if they're at all soft-spoken, because it had no problems picking me up. Oy.

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