joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, between now and when I leave for Seattle, I will:

- mail my 2#$@#$ing NC taxes
- finish transcribing my interview for research methods (I'm at 23:16 of a 56:27 interview, and I'm about 4:1, so in theory, I have 2 hours left on this, plus I need to listen to the whole thing at least once, if not twice, to proofread. Ths could be worse)
- go to the farmer's market so we can eat this week
- go to my youngest sister's birthday party tonight, eat lots of delicious grilled foods and play games, yay!
- go to office hours three time
- go to research methods twice
- make the duster for our bridesmaid's outfits (I got the dress done up yesterday, and it's mighty pretty) (this is slated for tomorrow. All day tomorrow, or until it's done)
- fix the practice dress I've been making, if there's time, so I can take it with
- figure out what I need for drugs for the summer and order them and pick them up
- finish the atlas TI demo
- grade two sets of homework papers
- finish a case narrative for my uber patient supervisor
- two more readings for research methods and presentation notes on one of them
- finish an analysis report filled with all kinds of ymmy stats (not due til the 30th, but do I really want to be running stats in Seattle? Um, no)
- go to the farmer's market again so Jeff can eat the week after and I can eat before I leave
- pack

I think that's most of the big stuff. Oy.

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