joyce (joyce) wrote,

Afternoon class went well, too. I was feeling a little woozyish, and I felt like it showed, but apparently it didn't. Afterwards, a student told me that I seemed very comfortable in front of the group, and my profesorr told me the same thing. Woohoo. :)

It had warmed up past freezing on the bike ride home, so that was very nice too.

But this morning sucked whatever energy I had (is it a cold? is it allergies? who the hell knows). I'd already cancelled space night, much to my annoyance but thank goodness. I came home, stayed upright long enough to chat at faecat for a few minutes and eat a pb&j, then fell over into a glorious over 2 hour nap. I'm going to drink some tea, try to get some homework done, make some dinner, and fall over again. I'm hoping I'm back to normal tomorrow, because I have too much to do to be sick.

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