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Saturday, we did our farmer's market run, our weekly library trip, and a run out to Deep Roots (we'd been out of fruit for a few days, a very sad state of affairs.) I worked on sewing, Jeff worked on his truck, we made nachos for dinner, and watched some DS9. All in all, a good day.

Yesterday, I did homework and cooked. Dinner was over at my great aunts' and uncle's house, for their Easter potluck. I took bread, which mostly disappeared and garnered a lot of compliments, and devilled eggs, which didn't, because two other people had brought them (and theirs were prettier. :) ) I think I need a new default potluck dish. We hung out for a good long while talking, and then hung out awhile at my parents, and then came home, where we both fell over after some video games and slept like rocks.

This morning, I woke up feeling like warmed over crap; I think it's just allergies. A long hot bath and curling back up in bed for awhile and some breakfast and a bucket of hot tea seem to have mostly fixed it, though I'm trying to tell myself I'm feeling bad enough to cancel office hours today (and failing; it's not that bad.) And it turns out I was running through the tutorial for the wrong software package for class tonight (why do I bother? No one else is going to, and I'm just going to be bored and annoyed while they catch up. But I do anyway.) and that I was running through the one for next week. At least I'm a week ahead, but now I still need to run through the tutorial for THIS week. Oy.

For our teaching class, we actually have to teach a professor's class for a class period. I'm up tomorrow morning at 8, and again at 1 (same class, thankfully.) It's upper level theory, which perhaps wasn't the wisest choice for subject matter, but I picked the theorist I grocked most easily last semester, and I'm mostly going to make them teach it to each other. I'm almost done my notes (I hate Powerpoint as a teaching tool, but it's an easy visual and gives me a visual to reference tomorrow, so I'm using it) and I just need to run through them and the stuff on modelling a couple of times, and I should be good to go, which I can do during those office hours I don't want to go to this afternoon.

Oy. The rest of the semester is going to be accomplished at a brisk trot.

[eta]: being sick to my stomach, on the other hand, is a very good reason to call off office hours. ugh.

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