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This morning Hope pinged me: since she had off work (it's the… 
6th-Apr-2007 10:56 pm
This morning Hope pinged me: since she had off work (it's the beginning of their spring break) and Faith didn't have to be at work until late afternoon, they were going to the mall with mom. Did I want to come along? Of course.

So I got to hang out with both my sisters and my mom, which doesn't happen very often. We wandered around and did some window shopping and a little real shopping (I got precisely the shoes I wanted to wear in Ms. faecat's wedding, and at a stellar price, so I'm happy) and got some lunch, and it was a nice day.

When I got home, I finally pulled out the pattern pieces for the bridesmaid dress for said wedding and started poking at it. It's doable, I just need to make sure to work on it some every day starting now until it's done, and to be patient and follow the directions.

There was chili and DS9 for dinner, and that was good. All around, it's been a good day. :)
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