joyce (joyce) wrote,

So Jeff and I and three of the folks in my program, that I like very much, met up at M'Coul's, where there was a lot of booze (Me: "How much are pints, and how much are pitchers?" Waitress: "Pints are five, pitchers are twelve." Me: "Well, then, by all means, will someone help me drink a pitcher?" In the end, there were two pitchers (and at least 6 glasses out of each pitcher, making it a much better deal), and it ended up being someone else's treat, which was very sweet, and even with 3 other people helping to drink the pitchers, I'm still tipsy) and some food and 3 and a half hours of non-stop loud hilarious conversation, and it was a very good evening and just what we all needed.

Bed soon.

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