joyce (joyce) wrote,

Today, I finished a book, wrote a blog post, got some more grading done (thankfully, no one upgraded the Union to another state again), watched an episode of DS9 with my honey, knocked off a chunk of my independent study, made pancakes for lunch, did some house cleaning, and we had space geek movie night (this week's feature: I, Robot. Not exactly space geeky, but it worked and we all enjoyed it. Next week, The Dish.)

Tomorrow's plan includes knocking out another piece of my independent study (Weber, which seems more readable than Marx or Durkheim, thankfully), knocking out more grading, and drinks with some school buddies. So far, spring break has been lovely.

Oh, and a small public service announcement: I want to plug Remember the Milk. It's a free online todo list organizer. I'd been running a list in a text document, but over the course of the week, it gets messy. I can create recurring tasks with this, I can postpone tasks, I can create smart lists that let me look at all the tasks due today or tagged "homework" or whatever. You can print out a list if you need it offline. You can set priorities on tasks. I like it. I'm still a paper calendar kind of girl, because if you're in a professors office and they ask if you're available to cover class on such and such date, a paper calendar is easy to pull out, but for my todo list needs, Remember the Milk is proving very handy.

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