joyce (joyce) wrote,

So, yesterday was just about a perfect day. It was warm and sunny. We did our farmer's market thing in the morning. We got Boomer up and going. We watched a heck of a lot of DS9. I spent most of the afternoon sacked out in the living room with the windows open with a book. I got some grading done. We induldged in a Tombstone pizza for dinner. I got to talk to jeni for awhile. Jeff and I had a good conversation about life, the universe, and everything before bed. I finished my book, and slept like a log.

Today's been pretty damned good, too. Grilled cheese and egg sandwiches for breakfast, pancakes for lunch, more DS9, a library run, a run out to Deep Roots, more reading, a little knitting, more working on Boomer. A girl can't complain. Especially not when the rest of the evening holds more reading, a hot bath, more knitting, and maybe more DS9.

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