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Dear airlines:

Lots and lots of people live in the middle of my state. Why, oh why, is it so freaking expensive to fly in and out of my nice medium sized regional airport?

Also, why is a non-stop flight twice as freaking expensive as a connecting flight? Is it really cheaper to route me through Texas or Minnesota and have me spend MORE time on a plane and use MORE fuel than to just let me fly from Charlotte to Seattle and back (it would be worth the hassle of getting back and forth to Charlotte for a non-stop flight). I've had flights from Seattle to Raleigh that connected through Charlotte (it's a 45 minute flight between the two. Connecting through Charlotte is DUMB. But there are no direct Seattle to Raleigh flights.)

This is starting to make no sense. That's because airlines reduce me to annoyed incoherency.

One of these days, this country will have uber-fast trains, and I will happily spend a day and a night on the train out to Seattle (I would Amtrak it now, but it takes 4 freaking days) and I'll never have to fly again.


- joyce

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