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Yesterday was an excellent day. French toast for breakfast, 3 episodes of Frontier House over the course of the day, a run out to Deep Roots, a library run, going out to my parents' to hang out for awhile and fix some stuff on their computers and have dinner with them and my sisters, and some homework. It was a very nice Sunday.

The kittens seem to have mostly made up and decided to get along - Marty and Ellie aren't quite back to normal yet, but they've stopped hissing and shrieking at each other, and Ellie slept with us for a good long time last night - and as a result they're figuring out how to play with each other this morning. Three cats careening around the house at top speed is a lot more cat than two, even when one of them is a scrawny underweight stray. :)
Tags: the zoo

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