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I seem to have discovered the key to making my body happy, food wise: fruit, mashed potatoes, and protein. My body is... humming, right now, in that well fed kind of way I normally only get from sushi. I'll have to remember this.

redzils and I seem to share a brain cell when it comes to books. Several times since I've met her, one of us says "Oh, hey, you need to read such and such, you'd really like it" to which the other will say "Yea, I've read it, it's great." We did it again today. I told her that she would love Sorcery and Cecelia, and she replied that she has it, and the two sequels, and loves them. Verily, I was amused. As for the rest of you, it's great. I'm normally suspicious of books written by two authors, and written as letters, but it's a great big fun romp, and it's fun to see the story get teased out in the letters. It's a YA book, but you wouldn't know it, other than it being a faster read than normal. I've got 76 pages left, and I'm going to go inhale them when I'm done babbling at the internets.

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