joyce (joyce) wrote,

I haven't been talking much about cooking here lately, because I've been talking about it in other places, but I just had to share that tyche is, as always, a kitchen witch and wonder. I don't eat cooked carrots - I've been the victim of too many over boiled, mushy carrots in my time. However, she posted these awhile back, and I decided to try them tonight (since it'd be hard to make roasted carrots mushy and overboiled, right?) They were AMAZING. I was eating them straight out of the baking dish like candy, and I'm already planning on another batch with lunch tomorrow. Wow.

As there is no Penzey's Sunny Paris seasoning in our house, these got dosed with kosher salt, pepper, thyme, and some "lemon and herb mix" that had been lurking at the back of the spice drawer. Damn good eats.
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