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I spent most of today locked up in the grad lounge, grading these papers that I've been staring at all weekend. One batch is done, save the very last sanity pass, and I should be able to finish the second batch tomorrow, and then I'm off the hook for a couple weeks.

I got dragged out of the office for lunch, though; apparently, the office of student affairs puts on a "commuter lunch" every couple of months for off-campus students. So I went and ate free food with one of my buddies from the program. We talked about life after our master's degrees, how we ended up here, and time management. It was a very nice conversation, and a nice break in the day.

After Jeff got off of work, we had a bookstore date, then ran a couple of errands, grabbing supplies for Friday (I turn 30 on Friday. We're not doing a big thing, though; I saw most of the folks I would have liked to have seen at Tday 2, and I'm not up for 2 big events in three weeks (and neither, I suspect, are most of my friends, as we all seem to have gotten crazy busy again.) So we're doing good food [I splurged just a touch and got a couple of small blocks of good cheese at Earthfare, among other treats. Num.] and good wine and games with my sisters and my cousin on Friday, and that'll be good.)

I'm scheduled to have coffee tomorrow with some of the other grad students and a job candidate, which should be interesting. That is, if we don't get snowed out.

This weekend, I am scheduled to get caught up on my @#$#ing independent study (learned: if I don't have someone setting outside deadlines, I have a hell of a time doing it myself) and do a lit review for research methods (though we don't actually have to write the review, just find the articles, and fill out a matrix about each one. Finding out Monday night that we didn't have to write a paper was like Christmas.) Clearly, I know how to have a party.

Meantime, though, I could have slept better last night, so it's time to put down the internets and go read.

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