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Jeff and I talk a lot about The Next Star Trek series, because neither of us wants to believe that they're done, that there's not going to be any more to this universe that we love. We had a long conversation about that tonight, and plotted out some really cool things (which, of course, will never make it onto the screen). When I was in the shower, I was thinking about what the next Star Trek series needs:

1. A non-human in serous command in Starfleet. A star ship, a space station, heck, an admiral. I mean, seriously. There have been non-human command officers (Warf, Data... heh. I'm blanking on anyone else) but we never see non-human officers with real command. All the people that ever blink in from Starfleet to shove Sisko around? Human. So is this Star Trek, which wants to present a world where we all love each other and Starfleet is full of peace and happiness and opportunity for all, or is this Star Trek, where non-humans know their place?

2. A chick who swaggers. There are some powerful women in the Star Trek universe, and I love what they've done with some of them (I love that Janeway has an iron grip on the ship when she needs to, but is still the mother of the whole ship), but they're all still... womanly. Vulnerable. B'Elanna is a lot more alpha than most of the women on Star Trek, and a big deal is made of the fact that she's that way because she's half Klingon. When her Klingon side is stripped away, she simpers. (Gah.) So why can't human women swagger on Star Trek? I'd love to see a female Riker.

I love Star Trek, and I love the universe it's set it, so don't think I'm knocking on Star Trek; we just finished season five of DS9 last night, and season 3 of Voyager the other night, and I can't wait to see what happens next. But that doesn't mean that universe is perfect, either...

So, yea. This is what I think about when I should be grading papers. :)

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