joyce (joyce) wrote,

As soon as I got home and sat down, Marty came and hopped up on my shoulders, nuzzling and headbutting me, and then happily sacked out in my lap, giving me the option of having her sacked out on the laptop or me moving the laptop. She seems happy enough to have me bending over her to used the laptop, as long as she's in my lap, so we've reached compromise. Not that I mind having a lap full of purring kitten. :)

IRB training wasn't so bad. They told enough horror stories and gave us enough cautions to make me think that anything dealing with human participants is going to be an unholy pain in the ass to get approved, but not enough of one to avoid doing human subjects research. It just means starting your paperwork early, being very very careful, and not counting on anything moving quickly. Afterwards, I got some lunch with some of my favorite classmates (being social? me? Wow.) and now I'm home, and it's Friday, and life is good. :)

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