joyce (joyce) wrote,

1. I got the rough draft of my syllabus done and posted on Blackboard for my teaching soc class two days previous of the deadline. Woot. That was actually a lot harder than I expected, and I still need to pick out readings. I'm also starting to be sorry that I don't get to teach this class. One of these days...

2. Ellie went digging through the plastic bags earlier, looking for just the right one to pull out and chew on. Our cats are WEIRD.

3. Their capacity for sleep is amazing to me. Marty is passed out on my lap, Pandora blasting 6 inches from her ears.

4. Putting notes to yourself on the kitchen white board about when to put the pizza dough on does no good if you get too distracted by your homework. It's a good thing my sister called.

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