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So, Sunday it was 70 degrees or so. When I got up sometime after 4:00 this morning to use the restroom, it wasn't snowing. When we got up this morning, on the other hand, it looked like this. :)

I'm usually cranky about the snow - I've worked hourly jobs for too many years where if I don't work, I don't get paid, no matter what (thankfully, no longer a problem), and it's a pain to get around in if you're a pedestrian (and cold, and wet; still an issue, even with my newly minted driver license, but luckily, I have nowhere to go today). However, this is pretty light, and it looks like the roads aren't too bad yet, so I will admit to a bit of childish glee over seeing this this morning. It's awfully pretty.
Tags: project365:january

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