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- I got on the scale this afternoon at the gym, and it read 206.5. ouch. No wonder my clothes have been feeling tight lately and I'm back into the fat comfy pants. (I have a pair of size 18 and size 20 pants, in the same pants, that are the current litmus test.) Granted, I'd eaten lunch and had a lot of water, so we'll call that 204. Ouch. I didn't realize that my month off of school had included quite that much wanton eating and lack of exercise.
- My school's gym has Muzak pumped into all of the exercise areas. They have a sign on the reception desk stating that patrons can request channels or that they're welcome to bring their own personal music systems in. I have to crank Damian-the-ipod-shuffle up louder than I'd like to drown out their idea of music, so I'm wondering if I can request that the damned thing be turned off for half an hour.
- Things I miss about State's gym? Less stick figures, more faculty and staff and other people are aren't running 15 miles an hour. The pool being in the same building as the gym, so that you could go swimming then walking easily if you wanted. The pool being open whenever the gym is open (save 2 hours on Friday). The lack of the damned Muzak.
- Things I like about my school's gym? The walking track is built with these huge picture windows overlooking the outdoor track and trees and grass and stuff, and there's machines tucked in the corners of the track, so today I was able to use a rowing machine surrounded by a lovely view, instead of staring at someone's ass as they were using the machine in front of me, or a blank wall.
- Damian-the-ipod-shuffle needs a reload. He's currently full of music that I like, but that isn't good workout music. The country version of "Every Rose has Its Thorn"? Metallica on cellos? Not so much.

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