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I was this weird thing I hear about called productive today, and it was rather nice. I had my first office hours of the semester (and, of course, there were teeming hoardes waiting for me when I got there. No, really. Okay, not really. But they have their first homework due next week, so maybe I'll have a few students come in then.) I got my notes reorganized from having torn them apart in class last week. I went to the gym and worked out (and I've met my exercise minutes goal for the week, rawr). I went to the library and got some work done, including checking out some sample textbooks for one of my classes and some reading that I badly needed to do for another. (Also, I'm now an official dork - I have my own desk and locker at the library). When the library got too quiet, I got on a bus and headed over to B&N, where I was meeting Jeff, and got some more reading for class done. We ran some errands, and now we're home.

It feels good to have been productive today. Hopefully this will carry over to tomorrow, even though I don't need to leave the house (my track record for getting work done at home lately has been bad.)

Today's picture is the grad student lounge/office, where I'll be holding office hours. This is the lounge/library end. It's kind of grim, but could be much worse, though I do miss having my own office (well, shared with 2 other people) like I did last semester.
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