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Hope and Faith decided to go out to Edward McKay today, and they asked if I wanted to come along. Gee, twist my arm, eh? :) We ran around there for awhile, and then went over to the Friendly Center to get some walking in and do some window shopping, and then ran into Target for awhile. It was a nice afternoon with my sisters. :)

I got a very large stack of books for $1.90. My biggest coup was a favorite Laurie King book for 10 cents. And another copy of the Bootlegger's Daughter (also 10 cents) because I could swear I owned a copy, but I can't find it. If it turns up, I'll throw this one up on Bookmooch.

This evening, there will be quiche, and a viewing of 16 Blocks with Jeff, and if I decide to be good, some reading for class. :)

[eta:] Quiche: really damned good. Best one I've ever made. Creamy, custardy, great mix of flavors. 16 Blocks: also really, really damned good. Things blow up and get shot at, there's plenty of action, and there's a few surprises too. Very, very nice.

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