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It's not the world's greatest picture - I'm still working on learning how to use the camera, and all the fancy features on it - but tonight we fetched redzils and the wonder puppy from the airport. You can still drive right up to our little regional airport, and park right next to the building, and pretend to yourself that flying isn't as fraught with anxiety these days as it is.

redzils and the wonder puppy have opted to head home tonight instead of in the morning, for which we can't blame them; they've been away from home for awhile.

I've posted photos for the last couple of days, backdated.

I'm going to go faceplant; despite my brave words last week about getting on a sleep schedule, my sleep schedule has not equilized this week. I've been going to bed whenever I get tired, which isn't necessarily bad, as the only day of the week that I'll have to be out at all early is on Wednesdays, when I volunteered to start office hours at 10:30, and thus, I can sleep til whenever I need to in the morning, but it'd be nice if I could reasonably predict when I'm going to start pumpkining and whether I'm going to need to fall over for a nap in the afternoon. Feh.
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