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So, the French fry post last night was because we were making French… 
10th-Jan-2007 08:45 am
So, the French fry post last night was because we were making French fries to go with dinner (I know, duh) along with Italian sausages on homemade hot dog buns (way, way good) and salad. I discovered that homemade fries, particularly if you cut them thick cut, take way longer than I expected (about 15 minutes per batch), but they were way wicked good.

We've turned Tuesday night into a recurring event, at least for the time being: the Daughter of Space Geek Movie Night (or Space Geek Movie Night: The Return. Take your pick.) We're striping through From Earth to the Moon, which Andrew and Faith had never seen; it's mine and Jeff's second stripe through it. This time through I'm actually starting to sort out some of the names and faces, which is nice; I had a problem with that last time, as most of the people depicted are white men who are in the military or with military backgrounds and thus, short haircuts, and they all look alike to me. Last night we watched "Can We do This?" and "Apollo 1". If you're interested in space, or the beginnings of the space program, it's a great series to watch.

Today looks to be pretty quiet. I need to head up to school and see one of my supervisors and get my books and get some library books, and come back here and do a bunch of homework.
11th-Jan-2007 03:35 pm (UTC)
IJLS "Space Geek II: Electric Boogaloo".


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