joyce (joyce) wrote,

If you're looking for an instant gratification knitting project, might I recommend Calorimetry? It used up less than half a ball of leftover Bernet Denim that I had stashed (I cast on 94 stitches, and it's still too big; I'll be using the third button hole, once I find my buttons) and was a really quick knit (I could have finished it in a couple hours of dedicated knitting, but instead worked on it a few rows at a time whenever I was at the computer). I didn't work as many rows as the pattern calls for, and it's still very wide; much more of a psuedo-hat then a headband. I'll be making another one, but keeping an eye on the width so that I can use it as an everyday headband. Great project, smart design.

My current crafty to-dos are to work on Viveka (highly modified, as I do not wear ribs except on my head) (I've almost got the back done) and to choose yarn for and get started on zhaneel's shawl. :)
Tags: crafts:knitting

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