joyce (joyce) wrote,

I had a BSG/Star Trek:Voyager crossover dream last night, which was just... odd. First, I dreamt that someone already had season 3 on DVD and was going to let me watch the first episode, and then, suddenly, I was in the episode except it wasn't actually what would be going on in that first episode; instead, we were on New Caprica right before the occupation started, and saw the Cylons parachute down (yes, I know they don't really do that, silly dream), and Chakotay blamed himself for the whole thing, and I had a thing for Chakotay, and so I kept telling him that it wasn't all his fault, and, yea. I don't know where that dream came from, but it was weird.

My sleep schedule is shifting around, which is what I said it was going to do as soon as my body realized that I didn't have to be up fairly early anymore (being up late a couple times over Christmas didn't hurt.) I turned out my light at 12:30, kind of dozed until 1 when Jeff came to bed, dozed and tossed and turned and slept from 1 to 3, and slept well from 3 to 9. If I could cut out the couple of hours of tossing and turning, I'd be happy. Sleeping from 1 or 2 to 9am would get me enough sleep, and mean that I probably wouldn't be falling asleep during the second half of 6pm to 9pm classes, and would also mean more social time with Jeff, since I wouldn't come home from class and want to go to bed shortly afterwards (unless he ends up working 8 to 5, in which case, that theory goes out the window).
Tags: body:rest

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