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I am totally, completely, and impulsively copycatting rhiannonstone and stealing her idea to participate in Project 365. I'd been wanting to take more pictures this year, and this might be a good excuse to do it.

So, here's today's photo: dinner. We did salads, because I badly needed some greens after the last couple weeks of excessive food consumption. Mine's the one on the left, with the whole tomato chopped up on it.

Today was a good day. Hope and Faith came over for awhile, and we went and ran around the mall for awhile just to get out of the house, and got Cold Stone, and then they dropped me off here. Jeff and I had some errands to do in the afternoon. I did some knitting. It was a pleasant day. :) I'm both ready and not for real life to start again next Monday.
Tags: project365:january

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