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Oh, man. I did well with supper tonight. We had little green salads for appetizers - red lettuce, and yellow and green peppers (well, pepper - it was half and half) with pomegranate vinegrette (out of a bottle, I'm not that good ... yet), and sirloin steaks fixed ala clockworktomato (though everyone's suggestions look fantastic, enough to keep us busy for awhile; thanks, guys :) ) and roasted garlic and twice baked potatoes and (for me) green beans cooked in the steak pan for the main dish and sides, and cheesecake for dessert. So, so good, and I got to eat in my pajamas. :) I like going outl, but it's nice being able to cook food like this at home, too.

I'm drinking blueberry tea, and poking at the internets, and probably won't make it to midnight. It's been a nice day.
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