joyce (joyce) wrote,

flying through the air with the greatest of ease

I think my time as a member of a three-ring circus is done for the time being. I've had a glorious weekend, but I ranted at Jeff for a long time this morning (and after I'd already invited people to the house, so, don't feel bad, guys) about how I'm done, at least for a couple of days.

Today, Kelly and Michael (the Californian that's leaving tonight) and his brother Andrew and my sister Faith and Michael and Andrew's cousin on their mom's side (so no relation to me) Brian came over for one last short visit. We sat around and talked, took some pictures, and had homemade pizza and fruit salad for lunch. Eventually, the guys had to leave, so that Michael could get in more family visiting with his other family before heading out to the airport. We headed out to Edward McKay, so that Faith and I could work on our Christmas gift certificates; I came home with a bag full of books and still have 80 percent of my gift certificate left. :) Faith took off, and Kelly stayed and chatted for awhile before heading out so she could pack up and get on the highway to Virginia.

And so ends the annual circus, at least for another year. :) I love my family, but I'm going to spend at least the next 24 hours in my pajamas, cleaning my house and hiding from people.
Tags: personal:family

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