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I'm getting too old for this. At least, when my sleep schedule hasn't had time to adjust.

We slept a little late yesterday morning, then went over to my parents' for breakfast and presents. Santa Claus (i.e. my mom, with my dad driving her around) was very good to Jeff and I in some very thoughtful ways this year, which was really appreciated (apparently, when I couldn't think of ideas, my mom consulted Jeff. I am good of thinking of things that I would like. I am bad about coming up with them when other people ask me.) For example, we have a gift certificate to apply towards our owner fee at Deep Roots (or groceries, for that matter), and another at Earth Fare. Very sweet, very thoughtful. Perhaps the most amusing moment of the morning was Hope and Faith "unwrapping" their Edward McKay gift certificates from me... and then for me to unwrap one from Mom and Dad. The best ones were the ones from my sisters, though, which is often the case; Hope made mugs for Jeff and I at one of those paint your own pottery places, and Faith did two gorgeous paintings... of our kittens. :) I was bowled over when I unwrapped those; when Faith had asked what I'd wanted, I'd said that a Faith painting would be wonderful (but I didn't think she'd have time to do it before Christmas, so maybe for my birthday). I'm not sure how she did it, but she did two, and of our babies, and I just beamed. :)

After that, it was off to my great aunts' and uncle's house for the annual Christmas luncheon (grandmother's side of the family version). We ate and we socialized. Great aunts and uncles and second cousins that I only get to see a couple times a year, but it was nice to. My cousin (I think? second, maybe?) from Charleston that's a doctor and thus, hasn't had Christmas off in awhile was up, and it was nice to catch up with him for a few minutes.

Eventually, we went back to my parents' for the annual Christmas dinner (immediate family version). It's my grandparents' children, and their children, so my immediate aunts and uncles and cousins, and now, a few partners hanging around (well, 1. It was supposed to be 2, but the vegan partner from California didn't get out here, thanks to a colassal screw up on the part of United. Gnar. We all wanted to meet her, too.) There was more food (though on a minor scale; unlike some years, none of us were really up to eating much more) and more presentage (again, on a minor scale; we've gone to drawing names, and everyone gets one person, and it's still fun and nice without every family buying 853 gifts, which used to be the case.) Eventually, the cousins adjurned to Hope's house for more games and more socializing. Jeff had hit his people limit and come home, and to be honest, so had I, but I knew last night was my chance for seeing people. There was more Apples to Apples, and then Faith headed home to go to sleep. Then we started a game of Cranium, which my oldest cousin and I were kicking ass at, when a phone call interupted things. Hope eventually gave up and went to bed, and I gave up and napped on the couch, until Jason and Kelly brought me back here about 1:30. Hence, the "I'm too old for this" at the top of the post.

In theory, people are converging here at 11 for one last bit of socializing before they all take off for home, but I also told the involved parties to call me this morning and haven't heard from anyone. I should probably get in the shower and straighten up some in case anyone does actually show at 11, and call folks and see what the deal is...

I love my family, and I'm having a fantastic week.
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