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- this foccacia is fantastic, and utterly easy, though it lies like a rug when it says it's 12 servings; the 5 of us killed the loaf tonight.
- ice cream from Homeland Creamery is excellent.
- a pasta bar works very well for feeding family members. 2 boxes of rotini, half a pound of Italian sausage, a batch of red sauce, a batch of white sauce, mixed zucchini and mushrooms cooked together, and some cheese, and we were all well fed and got to eat our pasta precisely as we liked or as allergies and other food issues allowed. There's even some rotini left over for lunch tomorrow, though precious little of anything else but the sauces. Some parmesan would be nice to have on hand next time, and olives would be a nice additional topping.
- the crock pot works well for making red sauce while everything else cooks, getting one more pot off the stove. And since every burner was in use, this was a good thing.
- Apples to Apples is definitely the ultimate party game.

Today was a good day. Farmer's market, house cleaning, run to the co-op with my cousin, dinner, games, conversation. A girl can't complain. :)
Tags: cooking:entertaining, recipes:bread_machine

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