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Last night we made charlie_ego's Slow-cooked Galbi for dinner, and it was really, really good. We used beef ribs from our local beef farmer and served it up with wild rice, because that's what we happened to have on hand (I think we're going to do brown next time, though.) (Side note: we got our rice cooker a couple years ago for Christmas from a cousin, and it's the best appliance that I would never have thought to buy. Between it and the crock pot, dinner was the work of less than 10 minutes.) I probably used more like a half cup of soy sauce and a third cup of sugar, and I didn't use enough garlic; the garlic came out sweet and almost roasted and was worth eating on its own. We'll be making this again. :)

Entertainment was "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", since I'd gotten over my earlier freaking out and gotten my second draft into my professor and had the time to watch a movie. It was great big fun, and funny, and the effects rocked, and Angelina Jolie in black leather is never a bad thing. :) I approved.

There are 193 people registered for the class that I'm assisting with, of which approximately half are freshmen. Thanksgiving break officially starts at 10pm tonight. Anyone want to guess how many kids actually show up to class this morning?

[eta]: 122, which is actually many more than I expected. We gave everyone who showed half a point extra credit. They cheered. :)
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