joyce (joyce) wrote,

My professor wanted a second draft today of the crappy-assed first draft that I turned in to him a couple weeks ago (that we got back last Monday) and now that I've calmed down from the pointed tone of his comments, the fact that he corrected a quote and inserted text into it (and when I called him on it, said "Oh, I didn't realize that was a quote". Geee, the " " and the citation didn't tip you off) and the fact that he commented on some of the quotes as if they were my opinon (with the same issue of not realizing they were quotes, I suspect) and the fact that I and one of the other girls in the class firmly suspect that he started writing comments on the drafts before he had completely read through them, I have to admit that he has a couple of good points. I left out some history I shouldn't have, and one of my big points doesn't make sense. But, still, gah.

I am so bloody sick of looking at this paper. He's going to get a crappy-assed second draft, too, with notes of what I know I need to fix. And then I'm putting down the paper for a day, before it ceases to make sense.

Hello, I need another week in my semester. Please and thank you.

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